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Tandoor. Kazan. Sarmat. The clay center. А brazier. The ceramic furnace for cooking. Рецепты для тандыра. Шашлык. Рыба. Птица. Контакты Статьи Восточный тандыр. Тандыр Сармат. Тандыр Донской. Форум о Тандыре, тонкостям приготовления в нем, уходе и наслаждении...
Баранья нога в тандыре Баранья нога в тандыре

Баранья нога маринуется в специях 1-2 суток в холодном месте. Перед приготовлением нога фаршируется морковью, чесноком и белым корнем. Оборачивается в фольгу и запекается в тандыре, в зависимости от размера, от 1.5 до 3-х часов. При этом крышки...

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Ceramic Furnace Tandyr (Sarmat)


Dear Sirs!

Dear Sirs! Let us introduce you TANDOOR– a unique clay oven for cooking of various dishes of meat, terrine, fish, vegetables, etc.

The history of TANDOORS creation throws back, nevertheless secrets of manufacturing of remarkable ovens are carefully passed on from generation to generation and, as well as it was many centuries ago, the way of TANDOORS manufacturing is known only to clubby bonhomie of pot makers.

Masters of our enterprise have carefully collected all nuances and subtleties of classical TANDOORS manufacturing. They have manufactured some of modern models varying in size. Masters have added steel edging with elements of hammered steel which write up and functionally allow using TANDOOR either at home – in the yard, in the country, or at small restaurants, cafés.

Cooking process in TANDOOR takes place not just on coals, but mostly by means of powerful heat emitted from the walls, providing quick preparation. Food prepared in TANDOOR save juiciness of initial products.

 Vertical position of skewers doesn't demand constant spinning, and you can leisurely drink beer with friends. But not long, as the food prepares in TANDOOR much faster, than on charcoal grill.

Dishes prepared in TANDOOR are pleasure for gourmets. Really unique taste.
TANDOOR is perfect gift for any holiday.

Our enterprise produces TANDOORS since 1998. Be watchful of substandard analogues. Demand certificates of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights.

Eastern tandoor

Eastern tandoor

Total height — 110 cm.
Height without cover — 80 cm.
Diameter — 80 cm.

Tandoor Sarmat Big

Tandoor Sarmat Big

Total height — 100 см.
Height without cover — 70 см.
Diameter — 60 см.

Tandoor Sarmat Middle

Tandoor Sarmat Middle

Total height — 72 см.
Height without cover — 55 см.
Diameter — 52 см.

Разработка — студия «Хороший дизайн»
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