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Tandoor. Kazan. Sarmat. The clay center. А brazier. The ceramic furnace for cooking. Рецепты для тандыра. Шашлык. Рыба. Птица. Контакты Статьи Восточный тандыр. Тандыр Сармат. Тандыр Донской. Форум о Тандыре, тонкостям приготовления в нем, уходе и наслаждении...
Керамическая печь Тандыр (Сармат)


People of Central Asia and Caucasus have tandoor – (alias тандур, тендир, тонир, танур, тындыр, дандыр, нандыр) – clay fire place, brazier, oven for cooking.
Tandoors can differ in shape and intended purpose: in some of them bread is baked, in others meat and vegetables. They can be either stationary –dug in the earth or combined of coal clay     in the shape of barrel, and small portable, for use at home. We represent tandoors for cooking of shish kebab and other dishes in the yard or in the country. Principle of tandoor operation is that: fire wood or charcoal is put inside and kindled. Tandyr is warmed up to the maximum temperature, and then meat (poultry meat, fish, game, vegetables) is vertically put on hinged skewers. Concerning some things the value of progress is extremely doubtful.  For example you will never get shave with up-to-date electrorazor so smoothly, as the shaving machine tool or open razor. Not any electro heater or gas fireplace can be compared with open fire. Meat prepared in tandoor is much more juicy and tasty than meat prepared on grill or brazier. Have just a taste of it and see for yourself.

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Tandoor Donskoi

Tandoor Donskoi

высота общая – 60 см,
высота без крышки – 45 см
диаметр – 40 см

- колосники,
- 8 шампуров,
- кочерга,
- совок,

Вес: 50кг

Цена: 11 000 руб.


Разработка — студия «Хороший дизайн»
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